poached bc pears - toasted vanilla sponge, burnt cinnamon caramel  smoked milk gelato 12.50

chocolate and truffle - whipped ganache, white crema and dark chocolate gelato, shaved white chocolate truffle 13.50

vanilla panna cotta - apple compote, salted butter caramel, vanilla crumble 12.50

blackcurrant curd, burnt italian meringue, graham crust lemon and orange gel 13.50

amedei chocolate fondant - hazelnut and raspberry, milk chocolate caramel gelato 16.50

hazelnut semifreddo, passion fruit and lemon balm, hazelnut cake – burnt cinnamon caramel 12.50

house churned gelato and sorbet 12.00

Take Home Boxes

house made chocolates 6 pieces 12.50

macarons 6 pieces 12.50