aqua pazza – arctic char in crazy water, manilla clams and fregola – saffron, chili    29

roast duck and farro verde – grilled green asparagus – fava beans, jus gras   35

hecate strait smoked sablefish – fillet and risotto, green daikon radish – maple vinegar, honey, mustard   38

chick pea fritter – rapini, chili and olive oil – grilled heirloom carrots and chard stems   24


whole branzino,with grilled lemon, bright lights chard, fingerling potatoes with garlic and rosemary  42

albacore tuna –  basil and olive oil, gigante beans, spinach – sicilian olives  33

pork tenderloin cooked over coals – strawberry soffritto, buckwheat polenta and broccolini – balsamic vinegar   32

chargrilled chicken with harissa and lemon, cous cous two ways – rapini with soffrito   32

alberta lamb rack cooked over fire, preserved tomato, cavolo nero – bakers oven potatoes  48


6 oz AAA alberta tenderloin of beef  42

10 oz CAB rib eye  44

24 oz bone in rib eye of beef for two – florence style   79

potatoes with prosciutto and parmesan – ash roasted onions, collard greens – salmoriglio



sea salt, thyme and garlic roast potatoes   7

warm marinated olives – aromatics and herbs   8

slow cooked whole head of garlic    8

grilled rapini with balsamic vinegar   8

grilled heirloom carrots   8

potatoes with prosciutto and parmesan   8

grilled portabella and mixed wild mushrooms   9

wood grilled green asparagus   9