A Quarter Century Of Hospitality

In 1990, the doors to CinCin Ristorante were opened, a dramatic dining room conceived on a grand scale by fabled designer Werner Forster. It was to change the dining landscape of Vancouver forever - soon wine and food aficionados flocked to view the extraordinary artwork and floral arrangements, to dine from the contemporary Italian menu, and to drink from CinCin's legendary wine cellar. CinCin also became home to many celebrities visiting Vancouver to debut in the city’s emerging film industry.

Subtle changes have taken place over time. New artworks, a spectacular bar and a private dining room all arrived, and last year, a new kitchen was installed that showcases Executive Chef Andrew Richardson's Grillworks Infierno, a massive wood-fired grill and rotisserie that smells as wonderful as it looks.

A decade's longevity in the restaurant world is a rare creature. A quarter century is rarer still, and many credit CinCin's permanence to its extraordinary sense of intimacy - a place of quiet repose, spirited conversation and delicious flavours. CinCin is a place where the art of true hospitality is practiced every evening - now for 25 years.